Sofia Cantore

Geburtsdatum: 30/09/1999

Sport: Fussball

Instagram: @sofiacantoree

Biografia Sofia Cantore

Sofia Cantore is an Italian football player, forward of U.S. Sassuolo. Passionate about football since childhood, Sofia made her debut in women’s football with Fiammamonza, playing for two seasons in the youth team, then entered the first team. With this team Sofia disputed 2 regional Serie C championships and became one of the protagonists of the promotion to Serie B. In summer 2017, she moved to Juventus: she played two championships with the team, won 2 Serie A championships and 1 Coppa Italia. In 2019 she was loaned to Verona, here she collected 15 appearances and scored 3 goals. In summer 2020, she was loaned to Florentia San Gimignano where she claimed 25 appearances and 10 goals. Since 2021-2022 season she is a U.S. Sassuolo football player.