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Collagen is a fundamental part in the structure of the human body, as a structural part or because of its ability to combine elements of the body that are indispensable for controlling movements, such as bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, for their stability and for improved mobility. Collagen provides useful contractile force especially at joint and tissue level. Strong ligaments and tendons are indispensable in everyday life and especially for those who practice physical activity. Ligaments connect bones, tendons connect the muscles to the bones. Stiffer tendons can improve performance but are more prone to injury. These are characterized by the degeneration of collagen fibres that involve long healing times, which invalidate the subject in his daily life. To avoid traumas, tendons need good flexibility and elasticity, a characteristic offered by collagen fibres. TENDOFORTE® consists of hydrolysed collagen bioactive peptides specific for the well-being of ligaments and tendons. Their action, particularly when combined with physical activity, occurs at fibroblasts’ and tenocytes’ level, where they stimulate the production of cellular matrix, increase the RNA expression and the synthesis of elastin, a fundamental component of the ligament matrix, and reduce tissue catabolism.

Strong tendons and ligaments are essential to transform muscle contraction into movement for better physical performance and to have a fluid and smooth movement especially in isometric exercises and high flexibility.

Injuries account for 70% of the main cause of the interruption of sport, whether it is a professional or an amateur athlete and muscles, tendons and ligaments are the main targets. Unlike muscles, connective tissue is slower to adapt and heal.

A study conducted by the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) examined the benefits of TENDOFORTE® for a period of 6 months on 20 subjects with symptoms of chronic tendinitis on the Achilles tendon, not responding to traditional therapies and unable to train. Tendinitis is characterized by an imbalance in the synthesis of tendon collagen and the structural degradation of fibrils. After 3 months’ treatment with 5g of TENDOFORTE® combined with a specific programme of physical activity, 12 out of 20 people resumed their training. This effect has proven to be long-term. The group that started the therapy during the study continued to feel the benefits even 3 months after suspending it.

<i>AIS Study - participants starting with TENDOFORTE® Supplementation returned to running, faster.</i>

Another component of LIGAFROCE+ is FORTIGEL®, which supports cartilage. The cartilage tissue is located within the joints and consists of collagen (70%) and proteoglycans (25%). Its task is to facilitate the sliding of the bones in order to create the actual movement. Degradation or lack of cartilage would lead to contact between the two bones, creating pain and difficulties in carrying out simple daily actions. FORTIGEL® collagen bioactive peptides provide cartilage with the necessary amino acids, such as functional blocks, and stimulate chondrocytes to produce collagen and proteoglycans, promoting regeneration and increasing cartilage mass.

Numerous clinical studies on joints and cartilage have shown that FORTIGEL® hydrolysed collagen bioactive peptides:

  • Counteract the progressive loss of cartilage tissue
  • Promote joint health through a natural physiological way
  • Stimulate the synthesis of type II collagen
  • Stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid
  • Support mobility
  • Keep the cartilage healthy
  • Help reduce pain
  • Support the formation of new cartilage tissue

To complete the LIGAFORCE+ formulation, vitamin C can stimulate the production of collagen and has a powerful antioxidant power. Manganese and copper are useful for the normal maintenance of connective tissues too.


Add 1 sachet (10,7 g) In 150-200 ml of water and take once a day, preferably away from main meals.


Fortigel® (hydrolysed collagen), Tendoforte® (hydrolysed collagen), acid: citric acid; flavourings, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sweetener: sucralose; manganese gluconate, copper gluconate, D-Biotin.