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Who practices intense physical activity or carries out jobs that can overload the ligaments and tendons, is more exposed to injuries and accidents. This is why it is important keep the connective tissues in excellent condition in order to carry out movements with greater fluidity and without the annoying sensation of pain.

Collagen fibres, made up of more than 1400 amino acids, are the main constituent of connective tissue, to which they give the characteristic elasticity. Since collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, its deterioration is reflected in different parts of our body such as joints, muscles and bones.
In addition, cartilage is avascular (contains no blood vessels) and has no nerve endings. Therefore, initially there is no perception of pain, with the risk of discovering the problem late. Therefore, it is essential to ensure a continuous supply of collagen to our organism.

Another fundamental component of connective tissues is thehyaluronic acid, which, thanks to its chemical structure, is able to bind many water molecules, has an effect shock-absorbing, lubricant It is protects the fabrics from excessive tension and stresses.

From these considerations comes the new formulation of LIGAFORCE+ enriched with Nutrihyl, hyaluronic acid of biotechnological origin. Not just any hyaluronic acid, Nutrihyl in fact it is supported by several clinical studies focused on joint movements, muscle strength, joint stability and intra-articular problems of professional athletes and on a generic sample of patients treated at the University Orthopedic Clinic in Prague. In both cases it was shown that more than 70% of patients experienced a significant improvement in swelling, joint pain, movement capacity and all other parameters assessed.

As already mentioned, collagen is an important component of the joints but to ensure excellent bioavailability, it is essential that it reaches the target tissues in the most efficient way possible. This is why we at 4+ Nutrition have chosen hydrolyzed collagen peptides easily digestible and excellently absorbed. These small peptides reach the bloodstream within an hour of intake, are transported from the blood to target tissues, such as skin, bones and cartilage, where they provide a signal to local cells and they help the cell improve its function. Additionally, a study conducted on young, healthy, active men demonstrated that these bioactive peptides can stimulate faster recovery after strenuous exercise and tend to decrease post-exercise muscle soreness.

To enrich everything they complete vitamin Ccopper, manganese It is biotin fundamental for the maintenance of bones, connective tissues and membranes in excellent condition.


Add 1 sachet (10,7 g) In 150-200 ml of water and take once a day, preferably away from main meals.


ProTake® BH (hydrolysed collagen), acid: citric acid; flavourings, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), Nutrihyl® (sodium hyaluronate), sweetener: sucralose; manganese gluconate, copper gluconate, biotin (D-biotin).

Average amounts

per daily dose

(1 sachet)


ProTake® BH

of which hydrolysed collagen

10 g

9 g


Vitamin C

120 mg



of which hyaluronic acid

55,68 mg

50 mg



25 mcg



0,3 mg



0,6 mg


*NRV: Nutrient Reference Values