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Physical activity causes an increase in energy consumption accompanied by a greater production of sweat, through which our body disperses the heat that develops during muscle work. In fact, during physical activity, the internal temperature increases and our body stimulates the sweat glands to produce sweat. Once outside, the sweat droplets evaporate and take heat away from the body. If the external environment is too humid or ventilation is poor, evaporation is hindered and heat loss through this process becomes difficult. As a consequence, there will be a progressive increase in internal temperature, with risk of hyperthermia, and excessive loss of water and minerals with dehydration.

Therefore, sportsmen and sportswomen must pay great attention to their state of hydration: the loss of liquids and electrolytes must be adequately compensatedfor, paying more attention in case of prolonged exertion and high atmospheric temperature. In fact, the excessive decrease in liquids and minerals due to intense physical activity can lead to a reduction in performance and cause symptoms such as decreased mental lucidity, muscle fatigue, tiredness and feeling of exertion greater than the real thing.

FUEL+ is a product that has the function of rehydrating the person who has lost fluid due to intense physical activity and restore the energy needed for better performance. It does contain:

  •  a mixture of carbohydrates including maltodextrin and dextrose, which constitute the energy source most used by muscles during physical activity; •
  • electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, magnesium and chlorine, essential for muscle contraction and involved in the mechanisms that regulate nerve conduction and carbohydrate metabolism, ensuring mental lucidity and more energy available;
  • vitamins C and E that perform a number of functions in our body and have the ability to counteract the free radicals that are formed during physical activity.

Thanks to its special formulation FUEL+ allows the realization of a hypotonic or isotonic drink depending on the dilution with which it is prepared. These types of sports drinks are different depending on the osmotic pressure generated by their concentration of electrolytes and carbohydrates, measured in milliosmoles per litre (mOsm/l) and called Osmolarity. In particular:

  • isotonic preparation has an osmolarity equal to that of human plasma, ranging between 280 and 330 mOsm/l. Thanks to this characteristic the assimilation of liquids and nutrients takes place in medium to fast times, so it is recommended to take it before or during training or competition.
  • hypotonic dilution has lower osmolarity than blood plasma, a characteristic that facilitates and accelerates the body's assimilation of water and nutrients. FUEL+ hypotonic dilution has a strong rehydrating power and prevents the weakening of the physical function. For this reason, it can be taken just before or during training or competition.

Correct hydration is essential for all those who practice physical activity, both at competitive and amateur level! The recommendation is to consume drinks containing electrolytes and carbohydrates, which can maintain a good state of hydration for as long as possible, for better performance.


Aggiungere 1 misurino (20 g) una volta al giorno in 300 ml d’acqua e assumere preferibilmente durante l’allenamento


Maltodestrina, fruttosio, aromi, potassio (citrato di potassio), sodio (citrato trisodico), magnesio (citrato di magnesio), cloruro di sodio, acidificante: acido citrico; vitamina C (acido L-ascorbico), vitamina E (acetato di DL-alfa-tocoferile), edulcorante: sucralosio; colorante: betacarotene.

Valori medi

per dose giornaliera

(1 misurino da 20 g)



292 kJ

69 kcal


di cui acidi grassi saturi

0 g

0 g


di cui zuccheri

17 g

7,8 g


0,51 g

Vitamina C

100 mg


Vitamina E

7 mg


*VNR: Valori Nutritivi di Riferimento

Contenuti medi di altre sostanze

per dose giornaliera

(1 misurino da 20 g)



149 mg


178 mg



54 mg


204 mg


249 mOsm/kg