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GLUTA+ is a food supplement based on Kyowa Quality® L-glutamine, this non-essential amino acid makes up about 65% of all the amino acids present in skeletal muscle. Although it can be synthesized from other amino acids, under certain stress conditions, such as training, our body requires more than it can produce as it performs multiple functions in our body.


  • It has a detoxifying action as it manages to neutralize excess acids and dispose of the toxins produced during training which in many cases are the limiting factor in performance;
  • Increases the volume of muscle cells, improving their hydration and promoting the passage of nutrients and electrolytes, which facilitate the biochemical and anabolic processes that take place inside them;
  • It intervenes in energy metabolism;
  • It has a hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action;
  • It allows you to accelerate the fat burning mechanism and at the same time preserve lean muscle mass from catabolism;
  • It acts on the brain with important functions thanks to the ability to easily cross the blood-brain barrier. Subsequently, glutamine is transformed into glutamic acid, an excellent cellular fuel that helps maintain clarity, especially during the most intense workouts. This allows you to raise the threshold of perception of fatigue while maintaining a high mental concentration;
  • In the brain, glutamine also acts on the hunger center by stimulating the sense of satiety, this is due to the fact that it helps maintain glucose homeostasis and attenuates insulin-induced glycemia swings;
  • It is able to raise growth hormone (GH) levels sufficiently, sustainably but not excessively;
  • Plays an important role in the synthesis process of brain neurotransmitters;
  • Strengthens the body's immune defenses, directly stimulating the immunocytes;
  • It is the preferred source of energy for the rapid division of cells such as enterocytes and lymphocytes.


Assumere dai 3 ai 6 g al giorno diluiti in un bicchiere d'acqua, preferibilmente dopo l'allenamento.


L-Glutamina (Kyowa).