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Carbohydrates are the main energy source for the body and, in particular, for those who practice sports. However, carbohydrates contained in food have very long digestion times, incompatible with the timing of physical activity. Simple sugars, on the other hand, are absorbed very quickly and are unable to provide energy for long.

For this reason, maltodextrins are often used in sports. Maltodextrins are complex carbohydrates obtained from the degradation of starch. There are various types of maltodextrins, characterized by chains consisting of a variable number of glucose molecules. The length of the glucose chains in carbohydrates determines the dextrose equivalent value (DE), which is expressed with a numerical value from 0 (complex starch) to 100 (glucose). The higher this number, the shorter the chains of which carbohydrates are composed and the more their behavior is similar to glucose (rapid assimilation). For maltodextrins, the DE ranges from a minimum of 4-6 to a maximum of 36-39.

MALTO+ contains medium-chain maltodextrins (DE 18): taken before or during physical activity, MALTO+ maltodextrins allow to saturate the hepatic and muscle glycogen stores, to keep constant blood sugar levels and to provide energy during exercise very effectively.

If consumed after training or competitions, MALTO+ maltodextrins favor a faster restoration of muscle glycogen stores, shortening recovery times.

With medium-chain maltodextrins, such as those contained in MALTO+, it is possible to prepare pleasant drinks, not too sweet and which don’t cause intestinal disorders when sipped gradually.


PRE-INTRA: add 30 g to 300 ml of water and sip gradually. POST: add 30 g in 300 ml of water and take within the first 4 hours following exercise and to be concluded within 6 hours following this exercise, as part of the carbohydrate dose necessary to obtain the beneficial effect. It's important to get carbohydrates from other sources as well.


Corn maltodextrins.