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Padel Essential Pack

Padel Essential Pack

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The 4+ Nutrition team has carefully selected and enclosed it in a practical package l'Essential Pack, designed specifically for the needs of padel players. This package includes 4 bottles of MGK+ Liquid, 2 Carbo & Focus Gels, 2 Walo energy protein bars and a convenient shoe bag.

MGK+ Liquid it is your ally to maintain your body's hydration during intense padel matches. Formulated with essential minerals in the form of citrates, MGK+ Liquid compensates for the loss of water and minerals caused by sweating, contributing to the correct functioning of the body.

CARBO & FOCUS+  it is the ideal food supplement to take before important competitions or intense training. Based on carbohydrates, taurine and ashwagandha extract, these sachets provide immediate energy and help counteract physical and mental tiredness, while taurine supports muscle contractile function.

Energy protein bars WALO CROCKBAR they are the ideal snack to consume before or after training. Formulated with carefully chosen ingredients and flavored with natural flavours, WALO CROCKBAR provides you with the proteins and energy needed to achieve your best performances on the padel court.

Finally, the Essential Pack includes a practical shoe bag, for easy transport of your sports shoes. At a discounted price of just €12.90, the 4+ Nutrition Essential Pack offers everything you need to maintain your physical shape and improve your padel performance.